Social Environment


It goes without saying that today’s generation of Chinese workers
are much more aware of the standard of living of their peers in Western cultures.

Access to online social media and the growing need for a higher
standard of living have created a workforce much different than
their forefathers who accepted to work with very little  benefits
from their employer.

Ningbo Orientex realizes  that to keep experienced workers loyal
to their operation they must offer a safe, happy and energetic environment
for them to work.

Let’s review a few benefits of working at
a Ningbo Orientex Factory


ISO Certified

ISO certified to ensure a safe and productive environment.

On site

On site housing


Lunch and dinner are prepared on site for the employees.


A garden / park on company grounds for staff rest and relaxation.


Monthly activities to reward employee’s achievements.

Good Salary

A very competitive salary structure.

These benefits  and more help us maintain an experienced workforce and offer our clients a
quality product free of any thought of a sweatshop or under age environment.