Originally, only the major corporations exploited China’s great manufacturing capabilities.
Recently many small and medium size Brands have been taking advantage of this competitive environment to grow their business.

The reality is that many good Chinese manufacturers are not properly equipped logistically to handle your business and do not have the adequate communicative skills to understand your needs.

So why Ningbo Orientex ?

Our management team is located in China and Canada. We speak English, French, Chinese and Vietnamese fluently and travel throughout Europe and North America on a regular basis therefore cultivating an excellent understanding of world markets and our clients requirements.

We are a vertically integrated company so we control and provide all elements for the creation of your Brand  from knitting the fabric to the finished embellished product.

Our German and Japanese equipment is equal or superior to manufacturers in any other industrial country

Our strategic location ensures on time deliveries

Our hands on work ethic and excellent supervisory staff eliminates the need for sourcing agents or trade companies therefore saving you time and money.